February 25

Success looks different for everyone.


Success looks different to everyone👈

Success is not a measurable outcome and it isn’t an end- it is a journey that flows and is only measurable in feelings. Feelings that feel successful one minute can quickly change to look like something else entirely the next. We measure them by turning inward and unearthing how we really want to feel at the core of our being and asking whether we feel this way right now. ⁣
Success is not the size of your bank account or your social media following. You could have a million followers and still feel completely empty, disconnected and unworthy. Similarly you could have a tiny following but feel utterly vibrant and fulfilled with your part time job that you love and can to hang out at the beach on your weekends. Maybe you study on the side and travel when you feel like it. .⁣
Fear of failure and fear of not succeeding often holds us back. We seem to rely on our success being measurable and success being defined by material possessions. .⁣

Some people want to build an empire, and other want to change the world one small act at a time. Either way, success starts inside, therefore if you want to truly bathe in feelings of success you need to go inward first. Alignment from the inside out long before you tack action because aligned action from a place of core desires and truly unblocked self love and worthiness is the only way to success. Action without alignment is not and will never really feel like success. ⁣

What does success feel like to you?⁣

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