July 15

No more glorifying ‘busy’


We glorify “Busy” way too much. Don’t you think?⁣
How often do you say “I’m too busy” or “I’m good, just so busy”. I have to catch myself out with this. I don’t like it and I refuse to buy into it. For a while there I stopped saying busy, and I used words like “I’m prioritising” (at least in my head because I wouldn’t want to say to a ⁣
friend or family, sorry, I’m just not prioritising you today” eek). But we really do need to harness the power of the positive ‘NO’. It’s part of pleasure seeking, living in alignment and self care⁣
Living with intention and in communion with our natural inner and outer cycles is a much more positive and powerful way living! Having these cyclic anchors to ground us back into where our energy needs to be focused is the blueprint of earthly existence.⁣
Can we not strive to live more intentionally, anchored by our cycles rather than in constant chaos and hiding behind busy? We are not supporting nor honouring our cyclic ebbs and flows when we are constantly adhering to the societal pressure of ‘busy’ and the consequences are spilling out sideways for so many people.⁣
When we tap into and harness the power of our cyclic nature we can’t do anything but surrender to intention, observation and intuition. There is no ‘busy,’ There is just intention. Intention to grow, act, perform, express, celebrate, nurture. And then intention to slow down, transform, create, rest, reflect, refill, be still and honour, only to be reborn again with energy and motivation.⁣
Living and working with the cycles as the foundation of our whole being is radical! It is monumental, yet it is the simplest most natural way to live and be. It is exactly how we were meant to be living every day.⁣
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