July 15

White Moon Bleeding


WHITE MOON BLEEDING: Ovulating on the Full Moon & Bleeding on the Dark/New Moon.⁣
It is said that our blueprint to be in sync with white moon bleeding. It is thought that most women prior to artificial light and technology would bleed in this way, together as they gathered in their confinement of the red tents, visioning and dreaming together. It was said that the bright light of the moon would spark ovulation, thus creating a more fertile time at the full moon- fertile not just for humans but also for the soil. ⁣
One theory is that women who white moon bleed are more focused on motherhood, bearing children and their family. It is also said that white moon bleeding is a call to completely surrender to and nourish ourselves. To turn off our outer lights, be silent. ⁣
During menstruation the veil between worlds are thinnest, however bleeding on the dark moon allows us to be completely guided by our inner GPS that is pointing us toward the highest level of pleasure and soul purpose. This is the time to rest, refill and be guided by her as she sends us messages through dreams and visions.⁣
Are you currently bleeding on this Dark Moon? How do you feel?⁣
Join us in the Rhythm & Flow Online Circle to learn more about connecting to your inner and outer cycles & rhythms.⁣


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