July 15

Red Moon Bleeding


Red Moon Bleeding 🌕⁣
Red Moon Bleeding is when you bleed on the Full Moon and Ovulate on the Dark (or around the waning period). Many women have been affected by this recent huge energy moon and are noticing that their bleed arrived with her, thus a huge collective of women are red moon bleeding together- how special is that?! ⁣
It is said that those who #redmoon bleed embody the archetype of the seductress or the wild woman. She is often seen as wild and full of desire. She uses her healing and wisdom outwardly to teach, empower and mentor others. She may be a shaman/witch or medicine woman, and she may be seen as an outcast or a seductress. ⁣
Red moon bleeding was seen as quite taboo due to the connotations that a woman who bleeds like this is more sexually promiscuous and whose focus is not on bearing children or a home. It is thought that white moon bleeding is more common for most women, however it is also possible that women who red moon bleed were just hidden away and shamed. Our cycles move around the moon throughout our life, especially now that we don’t live by the light of the sun ☀ ⁣
A woman who red moon bleeds is said to be called to use the seed of her womb for birthing creative projects and to outwardly nourish and nurture others. She focuses on ideas, art, business, theories, improving the society with her healing and visions. She is much more about ‘self actualisation.’ Her focus is on creating and birthing things other than children, which are of course vital to a balanced society, (however not so conducive to a patriarchal one, thus the stigma).⁣
Whether we admit it or try to avoid it, our being is a complete connection with our environment. Every cycle on this earth is connected. As the moon ebbs and flows, so do you. It’s a matter of stopping to notice.⁣
You also still have a unique cycle even if you do not menstruate, or if you don’t have a womb. It can be so interesting and vital to tap into your own unique rhythm. Get my free cycle guide or come and join us in the online Rhythm & Flow Circle. 👆⁣


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