December 22

Reflect & Release: How will you close 2017, and prepare for 2018 in flow?


Ceremoniously close 2017 to dive into 2018 in full flow.


Happy Solstice!

Phew, the christmas crazy is almost over.  Hopefully you will soon have even a few days to put your feet up, bask in the sun, refill your cup, and plan for a flowing and balanced 2018! A fresh new year awaits!

Are you starting to consider your goals, plans and hopes for the new year?


I find that summer with its salty sea air, long balmy nights and adventures to hidden beaches really allow my true self to emerge. She is wild and free and has a resilience and abundance of positivity about the coming year.

Today is also the summer solstice (Winter Solstice in the North). Our days will (sadly!) be getting shorter again. Beach days will become limited, holidays will be over and hard work will set in once again. If I haven’t set up a pretty solid routine and plan for how I will juggle everything I know it will get really tricky and I will become stuck.

Planning for me isn’t always just writing lists, routines and meal plans though. For me I really need to dive deep into myself and slowly and gently explore each layer of my being- both the easy and the challenging, in order to lay a strong foundation for my goals, hopes, dreams, plans, business, family & self nourishment.

I need to ensure that I have a foundation based on a full cup, sustainability, reflection, connection & flow before I can even look at the outcomes I would like to achieve.


Part of this foundation is also about diving deep in to the things that are more uncomfortable, challenging or painful. We must first give ourselves permission to release what no longer serves us before we can fill up with what it is we desire.

Discomfort and acknowledging what is no longer serving us is not something that we are often encouraged to actively seek and feel. It can be ‘ugly’ and is generally expected to remain in the shadows.


But we cannot have light without dark.


This isn’t something to shy away from.  Instead it can be embraced as a vital part of living a life of meaning and fulfillment.


Do you have an end of year ritual or release to support your fresh new beginning?


Seeing as it is Summer Solstice, the perfect time to release and focus on the balance between the light and the dark I want to offer you a couple of gifts! Hopefully these gifts might assist in your own planning, releasing, rewilding and flow!


Free gifts! YAY!

Click on the book cover to access your gift, or go to my ‘gifts’ page.


The first gift is an ebook encompassing an end of year ritual, plus other activities and journal prompts to assist you in reflecting on & closing 2017. This book is designed to help you dive deep, reflect on the year that has been, build that foundation, release what no longer serves you and fill your cup! A perfect activity to do on this Summer Solstice day!

I have included a number of well loved tools that I developed when working as a social worker. These have continued to support not only a life in flow, but a replenished cup, reflection, self-nourishment & goal setting.

I hope you find a mindful moment just for you to get out your favourite stationary, grab a cup of tea, and put your feet up to Reflect & Release!


Start your 2018 in full flow!


Click on the book cover to access your gift, or go to my ‘gifts‘ page.


The second book is a super summer/holiday special colouring in fun book! While you’re putting your feet up and relaxing by the pool you might enjoy something mindful to do. Colour & Flow has taken all the wonderful illustrations that @spiritysol drew for my ultimate flow planners. I’ve compiled them together for you to colour at your leisure in your well deserved ‘you time’. Print one for you, and one for the kids!


(These pages have been taken from my Ultimate Flow Planners. (You can learn more about my planners here.) 


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