September 17

Hey there pleasure seeker…

Do you make pleasure the driving force of your life?

Our bodies were built for pleasure. How do I know this? Because function follows form. Why else would we have an organ that packs 8000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure, with no other discernible function? … eight thousand nerve endings teach a woman freedom, self reliance and an experience of her purpose in life. Eight thousand nerve endings teach her that her joy is serious business, and that for the sake of fulfilling the gift of being a woman, she must not overlook her pleasure. Rather she must be guided and informed by it as she makes her way in the world. When she ignores her pleasure, a woman can mistake her purpose and believe her function is to enslave herself to her job, or live only to serve her husband, her kids, her family. This misapprehension can turn into a life where she is utterly starved. ~ Mama Gena



How do you follow pleasure in your life? NO matter where you go, your SHE power will always recalibrate in the direction of pleasure and joy.

Inner rhythms over external pressure. No dream will happen if you’re forcing yourself to make it happen- Danielle Laporte

We are often told to plan our goals and focus on the outcomes of our actions, and work backwards from there. Outcomes often being measurable and tangible things like a new car, or a new job, or a holiday. What what we forget is in fact, how we want to feel! There are over 40 words that can be used to describe pleasure, and yet it is often the last thing we think about in our busy, faced paced, modern lives. We are ingrained to think that in order to be successful we must work hard and push ourselves beyond our physical and mental limits no matter what (which in itself can be counter-intuitive to pleasure). That pleasure only comes AFTER pain.

Yet, we are constantly being called in the direction of pleasure and joy, we just have to follow!

Do you believe it is possible to be successful, abundant and live a healthy fulfilling life AND follow pleasure? Pleasure and joy are the building blocks for success and health. So why do we keep straying off track? Why are we not committing to being the authority of our own life and aligning is expansion and joy?

The essence of your goal is a feeling. Feeling good is the primary intention- Danielle Laporte

More and more people, particularly the new generation of savvy Gen Y and Millennials are rewriting the way we define success and ‘hard work’. Our divine intolerance (as Peta Kelly calls it) is rejecting old paradigms of the glorification of supposed “necessary” pain and suffering. We are rejecting patriarchal and linear molds when our internal rhythms flow and spiral. We are saying NO to shame and unworthiness just from being human. We refuse to abide by the old rules, and we are increasingly rejecting resistance and allowing pleasure rule.

And guess what? Not only is success building in areas we have never seen before, and what a blissful experience it is to do what we love, and love what we do AND be conscious to support the collective and Mama Earth.

“When it’s easy for you, you can be of greater services to others around you. If it doesn’t feel good, you drop your game. Easy is productive. Less friction equals greater velocity. You foster optimism and you’re less stressed and get more done” Danielle Laporte.

So, What brings you pleasure?

Do you resist or follow your pleasure?

How do you allow pleasure into your life?

Desire is the engine of creation… it is the foundation of our will to live. Danielle Laporte



I am running a 7-day #pleasurechallenge on instagram from Sept 16-23 to collectively help us raise the vibes and remind us to that pleasure is our baseline. There are always ways to recalibrate toward pleasure even when it feels impossible.

Come and journey with us!



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