January 24

My whole life has been leading up to this moment…

“Call off the search party, I was inside me all along…We all have an inner light waiting to guide us home. But sometimes the universe turns off all the lights, so we have no choice but to find our own…. It took my whole life to come tumbling down for me to realize that everything I was searching for was inside me all along” Rebecca Campbell



Has your year begun just as you’d hoped? Are you feeling the incredible energy of collective conscious rising up?


Things have certainly been elevating, aligning and rising for me in a huge way.


This is going to be a bit of a long one, so grab a cuppa and take a bit of a deep dive with me.


I feel like my whole life has been leading up to this moment…


I have always known that I am deeply intuitive, and that I am a highly sensitive person. People would stop me in the street as a child to talk to me… my energy seemed to emit something that made them feel lighter. I would get in trouble when I worked in retail because people would want to tell me their whole life story and go deep into the challenges of their life. I didn’t have to say anything. They would just seek me out. It was just something that happened to me that I didn’t think much of. My husband on the other hand has always lovingly teased me about this ‘gift’ and jokes that maybe I put some spell on him with my ‘weird’ energy that people seem to be drawn to.


I actively sought out ‘healing’ and ‘helping’ professions, and then various study and careers in socially acceptable ‘helping-type’ modalities… modalities that were built around rigid linear structures and processes that did NOT at all centre around the wellbeing of the people we were supposed to be ‘helping’. My colleagues were burning out and often dependent on various substances to keep going. They were overworked and undervalued. The money wasn’t even good so I’m not sure what the motives to stay are- other than the hope of one day making a difference to that one person; at what cost?



Of course I burnt out and felt lost and angry and dead inside…


The birth of my first baby was my unraveling. I wrote a passage one night in my journal (I now understand it was a process of channeled writing).

It said:

“So much has changed. Everything is different….
I am different.
In mind. In Body. In spirit.
I broke.
I shattered into pieces
and I rebuilt.
But never to be the same….
expectations set us up for failure. Abandon them…
trauma comes in all forms…
my body no longer feels like my own. Someone else took control and it wasn’t returned the same…
Many women I looked up to who were supposed to show me the way disappeared. I am left alone to find my own way.

Becoming a mother has left me feeling like I have striped myself bare.

Laying all my feelings out.

So vulnerable.

So lost and scared.

That’s so hard! Especially having fought so hard for my freedom and independence.

I see now my lessons are about not needing to be in control.

About being able to surrender.

Babies are easy to love, but finding that love for yourself after being ripped apart, after feeling like you no longer fit into the acceptable mold.

To put yourself back together and feeling so empty from giving and rebuilding is the most challenging thing I have ever faced.

But it is possible.

You question everything.

Being irrational is a daily occurrence.

The guilt.

The grief. Oh the grief! I really wasn’t expecting so much grieving.

The intensity of everything.

You remember your mum and the women who have done this before you. The gratitude for their wisdom. But the intensity of no longer having the village.

I keep hearing drums in my mind getting louder and louder.

I liked living this life. Nice, stable, easy enough.

But I have this tribe that keeps calling me.

Somewhere. I’m free. 

Dancing wildly.


Connected to nature. Nomadic.

The REAL me.

Not confined to anyone else’s expectations.

What is calling me? Why is it calling me? Is this why I broke? How do I find ‘it’? Letting go and following the drums is hard.

But it is possible.


I told a healer about it and she just said to keep listening. She also asked if I even wanted to follow the drums? What did it look like if I did? Well, I had no freaking idea, but I knew I didn’t have a choice but to listen and follow!


I found that passage that I had written recently and thought “WOW!” A part of me just knew this was coming. I had been held by the divine at a time that felt like my complete undoing. To tell me that if I followed and embarked on this rebuilding, this rewilding; that magic would certainly follow. How that passage connects to the work I am doing now is unmistakable. It was the beginning; it was me becoming the caterpillar that would begin this radical but necessary transformation.



Not long after, we left our life and took off on some travels in a vintage caravan. This was the cocooning of my soul work in the next phase of my transformation. I was immersed myself into my learning, listening and connecting deeply with others, with myself and with the earth. I had one hand on my heart, and one on Mamma Earth, listening and waiting for what path my soul was destined to take me to next. Working hard at whatever came forth to see where the path would lead.


I was taken on the ultimate journey where Goddess Kali met me along the way. She showed me again the depths of my shadows, but also nurtured me in her dark-mothering way as I expanded beyond the depths I ever thought I would. I dipped my toes into every opportunity I was given, I immersed myself into my soul work, and it evolved rapidly. I was also tested to the inch of my being. I had to draw on my inner wisdom and strength until I thought I was about to break again- and then I would be pulled back… just in time for something wonderful to emerge again.


The birth of my second baby unearthed an even deeper layer of my soul. A grounding that I had not experienced before. He was named after a tree, and very true to his name he brought with him the most wonderful energy that our family needed to feel stable and rooted once again.



Almost a rebirthing into myself, the epicenter of my power began to activate, and my intuition, confidence in my skills, and my connection with the divine elevated. All of the lessons, inner strength and foundations I had laid and drawn on during these years were sprouting and leading me finally to the fruits of my journey. This elevation, and the listening to my soul’s calling really cemented my own rewilding journey and a need to share these gifts with other women.


I’ve reached the moment of emergence. I have well and truly been challenged in my journey but only in order to reach this moment fully ready to emerge. Ready to fully embrace my soul’s work and my purpose to support other women do the same.


“Do you know how powerful you are?…

Women are the most untapped natural resource on the planet!” – Mama Gena.


Now is the time that women are rising up. We are rising WITH the divine masculine. But we are abandoning these linear patriarchal models that have done nothing but squash our power and keep us small. 2018 has been dubbed the year of the woman, and if you are on social media, or don’t live under a rock you will have seen it yourself. Our wombs are moaning with the desire to finally be heard. For fear of persecution to be something we remember but is no longer keeping us from speaking our truth!


My dear tribe, are you experiencing your own emergence? What is it looking like for you? It can be overwhelming and exhausting, but so so worth it.


You, wild woman are incredible. Have you heard the drums? Are they calling you too? Are you ready to listen and follow them to ignite your potent potential and propel you into a state of unabashed and untamed pleasure?



Come and journey with me!


I am so incredibly honoured and excited to announce that as I emerge and my wings spread wide and bright, I will be offering a range of new offerings.


If you’ve chatted to me or attended one of the events I co-facilitate, you would already know that I feel so passionate about face to face work. As Brene Brown is quoted as saying


“I believe that crying in person with strangers will save the world”.



This has not only been true for every single event Erin and I have ever run, but it still completely blows.my.mind each and every time! Women are biologically wired to call on one another to reduce our stress hormones. Yes it’s science! Sisterhood is back, baby. In a big way! We are no longer afraid to be together, and gosh does it feel so so good!


“When women gather, magic happens”.


As such, I will be offering some unique face-to-face offerings in a new local temple space! You can find me now 2 days a week in Glenelg, SA were I will be offering:



  • Reiki, Energy and Sound Healing and meditation.
  • Closing Ceremonies
  • 1:1 Rewilding Womb Wisdom (Menstruality & Flow Mentoring)
  • 1:1 Rewilding Mentoring (One-off Unearthing sessions or longer deep dives)
  • 1:1 Rewilding Birth Support (Birth Preparation and Debriefing)
  • Moon-time nurture sessions (1:1 or mother/daughter sessions)


Many of these temple sessions will also be available via zoom, but there a limited spaces available per week.


As well as these offerings, I will continue to serve women at our bi-monthly Goddess Gatherings, Other upcoming retreats, and Bespoke Blessing and Ceremony Planning. Plus, Erin and I also have an exciting online course being launched in the next few weeks. It is allllll happening baby!!!!


Due to my expansion and current flow, I will not be taking on any placenta or doula bookings.

To make a booking or read more about these new offerings visit my website www.katherineeden.com or connect with me via email or phone.


If you are still reading this, perhaps something has peaked your interest? Perhaps the goddess has brought you to open this?


If mentoring sounds like something you would like to immerse into in 2018, I have a spot available for Feb and I am offering one woman this session for HALF PRICE!



I am especially excited about opening myself to offer these mentoring journeys. Mentoring has been something I have been offering innately for most of my life. I was the go-to girl for advice and supports during my school years. Women would come to me unannounced as a young adult to seek guidance with me. And then as a social worker my work revolved around supporting young people and staff to find their way by tapping into their own incredible strengths and gifts. This has always been my calling.


Let me tell you- coming out of the broom closet to offer these journeys as myself, in my own business, as if I have all my shit together all of the time is scary AF!! But as my channeled writing during my time of unraveling showed, it was also necessary. So let’s be clear; I do not have my shit together all of the time ok? And you don’t have to either! That is never the point. Rewilding is about feeling ok, even when things are not ok because deep at your core you know you are whole. We will unshackle you and excavate you from the generations of female oppression. You will remember and reclaim all that is (and always has been) your birthright. You will remember that you have everything already inside of you that you need to be ok. That you never need to rely on anyone or anything else to be the powerful, potent, magical best version of you.


I am going to be kind, honest, and authentic with you at all times. I will always strive for fun in our sessions. However, I will only journey with women who I align with, and who fully align with me. This journey is for women who say a big HECK YES to radical transformation, and have no doubts about their commitment to themselves, or to working with me. I will not ever tell you what to do or how to do it. And, I will never create a dependence- you will fly on your own dear one and it will be glorious!!


I will help to plant the seeds that YOU will tend to and nurture to form the path that you want to travel. We will dive deep in to my tool kit of intuition, practical skills and experiences to find what works for your unique journey. I will hold the space as a sacred container. Like a doula of flow, or your soul midwife; hands-off, hearts-in- committed to your rewilding.


It will be nothing less than magical.



This mentoring is for you if:

  • You want a mentoring style that flows fully for you. (I do not prescribe any specific strategy or a one-size fits all. I tap into my unique tool kit and intuitively read what might suit your individual journey)
  • You are feeling lost, or unable to see your own powerful potential that lies within.
  • You are a woman looking to shift blocks or kickstart something in your life or business.
  • Women looking to open up to ritual, magic and the power of the goddess.
  • You are ready to use your womb as your own personal gps as we draw on the wisdom of our cycles and our female ancestors
  • If you are looking for someone to hold your space in a sacred and safe container as you plant seeds, ground, immerse, dive deep and begin your rewilding.
  • If you are a woman with a deep longing and yearning deep to reconnect with the earth, your womb wisdom and your soul.
  • If you are willing to embrace and never avoid or push away discomfort. To be willing to delve into your shadow side and all that might arise.
  • If you are ready for a radical transformation as you emerge to spread your wings
  • If you are either at the beginning of their journey, or who are further along- there is always more to gain from journeying with someone else.
  • If you are ready to come out of the broom cupboard! No more hiding your glorious inspiring and powerful gifts!
  • If you want to live a life in alignment with your soul. A life in full flow. To fully embody and integrate your learning into your own unique rhythm
  • If you are ready to make real and sustainable changes despite our patriarchal constructs
  • If you are keen to learn more about your connection with the earth, the moon and the seasons.
  • If you are ready for deep cellular change
  • If you are a light-worker or leader, a mother ready to reclaim herself,  and/or a woman ready to step up to her soul gifts!
  • If you are READY to reclaim, to remember, to be authentically you, to elevate, and rise!
  • If you are ready to find and seek pleasure in your own life
  • This mentoring for you if and on if you say a big HECK YES!


“When she ignores her pleasure, a woman can mistake her purpose and believe that her function is to enslave herself to her job, or live only to serve her husband, her kids, her family. This misapprehension can turn into a life where she is utterly starved for pleasure…her birthright” Mama Gena.



Areas you may want to focus on in your mentoring:

  • Deeper connection with your innate cyclic nature
  • Cycle awareness and the power of charting
  • Body confidence (particularly women after having children)
  • Relationships
  • Careers/Business
  • Sensuality
  • A whole mindset/life deep diving rewilding that will act as a domino effect on other areas of your life.


This mentoring is not for you if:

  • You are not ready for transformation or change
  • You are unsure and are not completely, fully and no-turning-back HECK YES-ing this page.
  • If you are not ready to dive into ritual, ceremony, energy work, and learning about archetypes, goddesses, the moon and seasons.
  • If you are not ready to commit fully to embracing all that your womb offers. (ie if talking your menstrual cycle and menstrual blood makes you squirm)
  • If you are looking for very specific medical (or health care) advice or guidance around a specific condition (ie PCOS, Infertility etc).
  • If you are not yet ready to embrace the things that make you uncomfortable- but that propel you into growth
  • If you do not feel a deep connection with the earth that you want to explore further
  • If you want to remain in the place that you are because growth or change is too scary and hard.
  • If you are not willing to do the work (I will not do it for you)
  • If you are looking purely for external ‘things’ to make you feel better- this work is all about the magic that already lies within you! We will work together to unearth it and find the way you want to put it to best use.
  • For a long term relationship where you desire hand holding every step of the way- this is about you learning how to fly!
  • If you are not willing to try new things
  • You are not quite ready to dive deep.


Keen to know more about what ReWilding is all about? You can read more here 



“….every human on the planet – no matter how soft or how hard, how open or closed – just wants to be seen. Like really seen.

The greatest gift we can give another person is to witness truly their being here. To see deeply and acknowledge the sacred soul that dwells within them and is longing to emerge.” Rebecca Campbell


Are you ready to ignite your potent potential? To align and flow? To be freely and truly the most powerful and radiant version of you?

Don’t forget, If you are interested in diving deep into rewilding with me, applications are open for 1 woman to begin her journey with me in Feburary.


If you are saying a big HECK YES! Please reply to this email letting me know why you are ready to rewild and why I am the right mentor for you.


So much love, from the depths of my womb magic to yours.




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  1. Your post has deeply touched me and i am in tears feeling for the first time since birthing my son 9 months ago that someone has been where i am standing. Every part of who i thought i was has come crashing down and forcing me to question every aspect of my life. My purpose. I can feel an energy shift inside me, my soul desperatly trying ti communucate with me and tell ne tge answers, guve me a direction, but everytime i stretch out my hand to reach it, it slips away.
    I have just finisged reading both rebecca Campbells books and reading her quote in your writing i took this as a divine sign that i was to contact you. I feel an energy that could be so right for me and just what i need at this moment.

    1. Oh Lauren I’m so sorry I missed this reply earlier. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Im glad to hear that this post has had a rippling effect on others who are feeling similarly. It can be such a really tough path to walk. I remember those early days and feeling so helpless and unsure how anything would ever be ok again. Standing on the otherside, I can say those days were such an incredibly foundation for the amazing life I have been able to build because of it. Sometimes the dark mother nurtures us in challenging ways in order for us to come out of it so much stronger and wiser. Go slowly and gently lovely. Surrender to the universe with trust that she has your back. The more I tried to force it, the more it would slip away for me as well. It wasnt until I surrendered and trusted (like birth really), felt with my heart not with my head, that things started to align.
      When we ask for guidance, she delivers. Rebecca Campbell’s words was divine guidance for me as well.
      Thank you for connecting <3

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